Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Welcome To Smart Stepfamilies

Welcome to the Smart Stepfamilies blog. You are a welcomed guest. Thanks for stopping by.

The purpose of this blog is to get some conversations going between people in stepfamilies (or people who work with stepfamilies), share information on stepfamily dynamics, and report any news that might involve stepfamilies.

Feel free to comment and voice your opinion or share opportunities at any time on this blog. The only censoring that will happen on this blog will come when people are mean or rude in their coments or spamming. Otherwise, pretty much anything is fair game. There is no one preferred opinion that has to be conformed to on this blog.

You will notice some google ads on the top of the page. I apologize for the inconvenience there. Feel free to ignore them. You will also notice some links (Stepfamily Superstore) and products on the sidebar. Feel free to browse those at your convenience. If anything looks good to you, go and get it.

You can expect weekly posts here at the Smart Stepfamily blog. The best way to keep curent with this blog is through a the rss feed using a feedreading service like bloglines. If you are unfamiliar with bloglines, go and check it out. It is pretty easy to learn.

Again, thanks for visiting this blog. Please come back and share in the conversation.