Thursday, November 16, 2006

Myth: The Evil Stepmother

"There are over 900 stories written about evil or wicked stepmothers. They are particularly common in fairy tales, which suggest that stepmothers are comparable to wild animals and supernatural beings that treat children wickedly. In the past, the stepmother's role was to replace the child's biological mother who had died. Many of these bad examples are seen in such stories as "Cinderella" and "Snow White" where children are portrayed as victims who hate their stepmothers."

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Anonymous said...

i personally have a step mom that i am not very fond of. my mom sisnt die, but when i go to my dads i hate it becuase of my step mom and the way that she does not treat me equal to her kids. not to say that all are mean, but its not to say they are nice. thanks.

Fajita said...


some stepmoms are mean and some are wonderful. Most of them fit somewhere in the middle having terrific parts and some less than terrific parts.

My suggestion is to find something, even if it is only one thing, good about your stepmom and focus on that. You could even tell her that you like that one thing about her. Who knows, maybe she'll start to be better in other ways as well.