Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Stepmom Superstars

Stepmom superstars are stepmoms who have endured long hours of relational investment with little or return on investment (yet).

They are stepmoms who have maintained their head when their husbands ex tried, once again, to change the visitation at 2:00 PM on Friday.

Stepmom superstars take a moment to view a good potential future even though today the family seems to be headed to Hell in a handbasket.

You are the kind of stepmom who finds time for everyone (including herself).

Few people hope more, wait more, cry more, cheer more, and try harder than a superstar stepmom.

You do not let the absence of appreciation make you quit doing that for which appreciation is due.

Stepmoms, you rock.


Anonymous said...

This is JUST what I needed to hear - read. My step-sons are in a very heatful place and having raised them for the past 10 years - this is really hard (now 17 & 15). They are planning to go and live with their ma - they are ewaying that their dad has never been there for them - well I HAVE!!! Every time thier ma chose drugs or alchohol over them I've been there - not I am getting the knife to the back. And I still love them, somehow.

Kathy said...

Agreed! This is the most thankless job!
Sometimes I am just glad I have my husband and my own 2 children to support me as I am daily accused of being the wicked, unfair, step mother.
I know someday they may realize but until then I will keep on trying to repair what their mother takes apart. And so what if she gets their love and acceptance? I can live with myself and sleep soundly knowing I have God's approval :) Not that I haven’t had those envious moments and destructive thoughts but cleaning your slate can be very humbling.

fathersrightsco said...

I hear you!! I have a 12 year old stepson that is wonderful. His mom doesn't want his dad in his life at all. She has convinced him that his dad is this aweful perosn. Thankfully the courts are letting us see him. It is a battle just to see him per the court order. I have started fighting for equal parenting rights in Colorado. I know that my stepson is to old to be affected but I am hoping to help other children out who will need the support. May god bless all of our little ones.

Anonymous said...

It's hard to be a stepmom without kids and constantly fighting for the attention from the husband.