Wednesday, December 26, 2007

New Year's Theme

Guilt is a really bad way to start of any new year. And one of the best ways to get yourself into a guilt situation is to make promises that you know you're never going to . New Year's Resolutions are your ticket to the guilt house. Don't do it.

Instead, take a more process approach to the new year. Rather than making some kind of grand promise of measurable change, think about adding in a theme to your life.

One new year, a good friend of mine who was struggling with various stresses in life decided that she should would add some whimsy into her life. She had no five step plan and didn't bother with measurable outcomes. Instead she made a defiant stand against the oppressive seriousness of life by deciding that every now and again she would add some whimsy to the situation.

I love it. Whimsy could apply to running on a treadmill or decorating the living room or the commute to work. A new pair of fun socks can fill a whole day with whimsy like nothing else.

The point is this: rather than limiting your new year by painting yourself into a promise you can't keep, open your new year to a theme which cna inspire creativity.

Happy New Year.


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