Saturday, August 26, 2006

A Stepfamily Wedding Poem

Below is a poem for stepfamilies-to-be. I found it at Wedding Guide UK.
A Father’s Fiancée
by Michael Praetorius

A father’s fiancée is
An intended mother.
More than two are joined
This day in joy.
Though two may blossom
By the winged bay’s fountain,
Other flowers are watered
By that love.


Robbinredhead said...

Lovely! My daughter (10) and my fiance's daughter (11)are both very involved in planning our wedding and our family honeymoon. My darling bonus-daughter-to-be asked me a question using the phrase "our reception", and it warmed our hearts to have her take such ownership! Thanks for sharing the poem -- I plan to have it read at our wedding!

Fajita said...

Oh wonderful. What an honor to have a tiny, little part. Grace and peace be with you on your wedding.