Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Ain't No Way To Fight

Holiday pressures can bottle up, intensify, and explode. When marital stress accumulates, it can be tempting to take it out on each other. Dont do it.
Conflict resolution skills are not just a nice thing learned at seminars and specialized classes at church, they are to be utilized when things heat up.
In all likelihood, you already know everything you need to do to reduce and resovle conflict. So, put it into play if the marital stress mounts.
By way of reminder, listen first. Your spouse's gripe likely has merit - at least to him or her. No matter what he or she says, you have something to learn from that conversation.
Make your case calmly without blame. Now, don't wimp out by giving in for the sake of peace. Without blame means do not accuse, do not use an accusing tone of voice, do not blame with your nonverbals. There are tons of ways to communicate blame. Get rid of all of them.
If you can't find resolve in one sitting, then revisit the conflict at an agreed upon time.

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